The start of the SamenMarkt® project

SamenMarkt Olaf van Kooten

On Sept 30th, the kick-off event of the SamenMarkt® project took place. The SamenMarkt® project aims to achieve a more transparent and stable fruit and vegetable supply chain market in the Netherlands. An agent-based simulation that models the choices made by different stakeholders throughout the supply chain (growers, cooperations of growers, traders, and retail) will give insights on the influence of their behavior on the prices on the market. In the future, these insights can be used to enlarge trust throughout the chain leading to more people working together within the market, also called a SamenMarkt®. The members of this project include Wageningen UR, Hogeschool Inholland, TU Delft en SIA Raak.

You can find out more about this project on its website: (in Dutch only).

Stephan Lukosch conference co-chair of ACM GROUP’16

Together with Aleksandra Sarcevic from Drexel University, USA, Stephan Lukosch from the Systems Engineering section will organize the prestigious ACM Conference on Supporting Groupwork in 2016. For over 25 years, the GROUP conferences have showcased the work of researchers and practitioners on the development, introduction, management, deployment, and analysis of computer-based collaborative systems. A strong emphasis of GROUP conferences is to foster a discourse on collaborative technology. Relevant issues include the design, implementation, deployment, evaluation, and impact of these systems as well as examinations of relevant research methodologies.


‘On the spot’ project presented during symposium ‘Innovatie aan zee’

On November 27, 2014, Marina Cidota and Dragos Datcu presented current results of a research project called ‘On the Spot’ during the ‘Innovatie aan zee, Samenwerken aan een veilig en rechtvaardig Nederland van morgen’

symposium ( The symposium was organized by The Ministry of Security and Justice. ‘On the spot’ is funded by the National Coordinator for Security and Counterterrorism. Within the ‘On the spot’ project, Marina Cidota, Dragos Datcu, Heide Lukosch and Stephan Lukosch from the Systems Engineering section investigate together with the Netherlands Forensic Institute, National Police of the Netherlands and the Fire Brigade in Rotterdam-Rijnmond in how far Augmented reality (AR) can contribute to a shared operational view and support decision-making during a joint task.

For that purpose, an AR environment is being developed that allows local and remote users to interact and exchange information in AR.


Sebastiaan Meijer (POLG/KTH Stockholm) and Heide Lukosch (SK) invited to represent the “Next Generation” of gaming researchers in a panel discussion at the International Simulation and Gaming (ISAGA) conference in Dornbirn, Austria, from July 07 till 11 2014

Sebastiaan Meijer (POLG/KTH Stockholm) and Heide Lukosch (SK) have been invited to represent the “Next Generation” of gaming researchers in a panel discussion called ”Back to the Future of Gaming” together with Richard Duke, and several other “Veterans” of gaming research at the International Simulation and Gaming (ISAGA) conference 2014 entitled “The shift from teaching to learning” ( The conference will be held in Dornbirn, Austria, from 07.-11.07.2014. Furthermore, the ISAGA conference paper of Shalini Kurapati (SK), Daan Groen (InThere), Heide Lukosch (SK) and Alexander Verbraeck (SK) on “Microgames in Practice: A Case Study in Container Terminal Operations” has been nominated for the best paper award. Last but not least, Rens Kortmann (SK) and Heide Lukosch (SK) are organizing an interactive workshop on the “Future of distributed gaming” at the conference. Gaming research of TBM is thus very well represented at one of the largest gaming conferences in the world.

Rens Kortmann appears in opera about gaming and participation

Assistant professor Rens Kortmann will appear as an expert on gaming and participation in the opera ‘Parsival, playingfields’ during the Rotterdam Opera Days. During the preparation of the event he acted as a scientific sparring partner to the director. During the performance he will shortly introduce the audience to the idea of playful participation. From the programme: “In Wagners’ Parsifal the eponymous hero sets out to redeem those he meets. But should not every redeemer be distrusted or avoided? In this refreshing adaptation, Wagners’ themes and symbols are held up to the harsh light of modern times.” Performance dates (all in Dutch): 17 – 20 May 2014 @ Oude Luxor Theatre, Rotterdam. Info and tickets:

Parsifal, playingfields

Master class: Agent Technologies for Energy Systems from Friday the 21st till the 23rd of May 2014.

Master Class on Agent Technologies for Energy Systems 2014′consists of a 3-day workshop on Agent Technologies for Energy Systems.

The event is organized by the Delft University of Technology in close collaboration with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Alliander Company and takes place from Wednesday through Friday the 21st till the 23rd of May 2014.

More information can be obtained at,
where you can also register till May 10th for the event.

Stephan Lukosch at the 5th International Workshop on Pervasive Collaboration and Social Networking (PerCol 2014) on March 28, 2014 at Budapest, Hungary

Stephan Lukosch from the Multi-Actor Systems Department is invited as keynote speaker to the 5th International Workshop on Pervasive Collaboration and Social Networking (PerCol 2014) ( PerCol 2014 is held in conjunction with the prestigious IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom 2014) ( In his keynote, Stephan will report on his recent research results and layout a future roadmap on establishing virtual co-location.

NWO Project in the Uncertainty Reduction in Smart Energy Systems (URSES) call approved for funding

The project called ‘Stable and scalable decentralized power balancing systems using adaptive clustering’ focuses on the design of distributed coordination and market mechanisms that incorporate decentralized, stabilizing, and scalable approaches to balance supply and demand (S/D) of energy. Distributed dynamic clusters of synergetic consumers and producers are form the basic construct. Clusters are designed to coordinate local load balancing for varying periods of time amongst consumers and producers, typically for substantially longer periods than considered in markets. Local load balancing in clusters thus allows for novel, more reliable solutions for global load balancing and can be used in conjunction with (current or novel) external market mechanisms. In addition, clusters are dynamic and can adapt to changing situations, including network failures. This project designs novel models, techniques and approaches for dynamic clustering and market mechanisms for energy S/D balancing, in a cooperation between engineering systems, computer science, and electrical engineering researchers, and network operator, ICT, and business consultants.

Frances Brazier is the principal investigator of the project, which is in cooperation with CWI, EWI (TU Delft), KEMA, Thales R&D and Alliander


Indiase en Nederlandse wetenschappers aan de slag met slimme elektriciteitsnetwerken

Participatory Systems is gehonoreerd met het project Adaptive clustering for Decentralised Resilient Energy Management – ADREM. Dit is één van de drie samenwerkingsprojecten tussen wetenschappelijke instellingen in Nederland en India gaat het internationale Smart Grids programma van de Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek van start. Onderzoekers gaan werken aan oplossingen om de infrastructuur voor elektriciteit verder te verbeteren.


ISAGA Summerschool

ISAGE Summerschool logo This year, TBM will host the Summerschool of the International Simulation and Gaming Association (ISAGA). This year’s edition will provide an interactive experience for about 30-40 international participants under the theme “Games for Governance and Participation”. Experts from all over the world will support the Summerschool with interactive sessions on game design, and participants will actively learn about game design in guided exercises.

You can find more information about scope, dates and registration on

It will be worth visiting the website from time to time as we will provide more information on and from the speakers soon…

Please also spread this information to colleagues who might be interested.

The organizers,

Rens Kortmann, Geertje Bekebrede, Heide Lukosch

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