TIM – Technology in Motion

TIM – Technology in Motion

Homepage: http://tim.lumc.nl

Funding program: NWO

Partners: LUMC, VU Amsterdam, Motekforce Link, Cinoptics, CleVR

Tim 1

Our ability to  perform self-care, work, recreation, our vitality – all influence our ability to participate in today’s society. Understanding movement in merging realities is of increasing importance for many different fields of applications.  The need for effective means to diagnose, monitor and treat disorders associated with motoric dysfunction is the specific challenge this project addresses. Innovative approaches to patient-friendly  engagement in merging realities, using Augmented Reality (AR) and Serious Gaming are explored to facilitate our understanding of new cost-effective, scalable means for evaluation and treatment of motoric dysfunction in today’s medical practice.

TU Delft staff involvement: dr. Stephan G. Lukosch, prof. dr. Frances Brazier

PostDoc: dr. Marina Cidota


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