SamenMarkt: Restoring trust in the horticultural fresh food market using multi-agent system technology

Partners: TU Delft, Hogeschool InHolland, LEI Wageningen UR, Advisory Board, and many others.

samenmarkt 1Samenmarkt 2Samenmarkt 3

In the horticultural fresh food supply chain network in the Netherlands a crisis is emerging. The market is out of balance and many growers are facing bankruptcy. Trust between participants in the supply chain network has decreased to an ever low. This project identifies design requirements how trust can be restored in new systems. It introduces the concept SamenMarkt®, a participatory system in which multi-agent system technology enables distributed price negotiation, distribution and communication between producers, retailers and consumers. Distributed multi-agent simulation and emulation create the basis for stakeholder- and participant awareness and involvement in the food market. SamenMarkt® aims to provide a solution space for the emerging global food challenges.

TU Delft staff involvement: dr. Michel Oey, dr. Caroline Nevejan, and prof. dr. Frances Brazier

PhD student: Coen Hubers

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