CIVIS: Cities as drivers of social change, Funding programme: EU FP7 STREP

Partners: TU Delft, University of Trento, Imperial College London, Aalto University, KTH, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, TNO, Bruno Kessler Foundation, CREATE-NET, Enel Foundation, Instituto Superior Tecnico (PT), Santer Reply SpA

Civis 1

Smart grids make current energy networks more intelligent and accessible; with new ways of producing energy, citizens are no longer solely energy users but also energy producers, and participants in a system. The CIVIS project explores the potential of social networks and communities to significantly reduce energy use and carbon emissions by developing business models for energy value systems supported by ICT.

More specifically within CIVIS a distributed ICT system is designed to 1) manage communities’ energy needs, 2) negotiate individual and collective energy service agreements and contracts, 3) raise awareness about the environmental impacts of collective energy use, and 4) allocate energy production resources more efficiently. The project focuses on two pilot neighbourhoods located in Trento and Stockholm in in which energy companies, citizen groups and local administrations participate. Project partners will test and evaluate the technology, clarify business potential and estimate the impact of envisioned deployment on a European scale.

TU staff involvement: dr. Martijn Warnier, prof. dr. Frances Brazier

PostDoc: dr. Yilin Huang

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