Symphony – a Distributed Smart Grid Experiment Platform

The Smart Grid, as an automated and distributed energy network, offers
viable solutions to the challenges that electricity networks in many
countries face, such as integration of renewable energy sources, managing
peak demands, and increasing security and environmental concerns. For example,
software agents running on customer premises or embedded in appliances and
equipment can be used to plan future energy consumption and to shift loads
according to pre-defined constraints. However, testing such distributed
solutions prior to actual deployment in domestic households is a challenge.
Simulations may not capture all the aspects of distributed, large-scale,
complex environments, such as one can find in the Smart Grid.

Symphony is a multi-agent distributed experiment platform that allows
running real-world Smart Grid experiments within a distributed environment
with the participation of both simulated and real-world actors. Symphony
takes care of interconnection and security issues so that actors in
different physical locations can safely join distributed experiments. The
flexible infrastructure provided by Symphony connects participants to
distributed services. These participants can use the platform, for example,
to experiment with pricing and load balancing.

Symphony is being developed in the context of two European Institute for
Innovation and Technology projects: SES European Virtual Smart Grid Lab (11814)
and Open SES Experience Labs (11831)

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