CIPHER – Integrated Cyber-security framework for Privately Held information systems and European Roadmap

CIPHER is an EU ISEC funded project. The project aims to accomplish an in-depth analysis of the reality of security and trust in privately held information systems at European level before developing a methodological framework which will contain recommendations designed to prevent cyber-crime and to react in case a malicious cyber-attack has been attempted. Finally a global European regulatory and technological roadmap will be advised.

Since we are becoming increasingly interconnected; communications networks affect every aspect of our life while systems capture and make extensive use of personal information. Our digital identity is certainly vulnerable to crime. This crime can result in physical harm, in the damage of infrastructures, in the hurt of confidence in organizations and administrations and in huge economic cost (according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, losses due to cyber-crime in 2008 may have reached as much as 1 trillion US dollars).

As a result, cyber-crime is one of the most serious economic and national security challenges that societies need to tackle. However, the most damaging cyber-attacks experienced up to now have been transnational; this problem has positively become international and cannot be answered locally. On the contrary, harmonized and coordinated policies are required, consequently, cyber-crime has become now a global priority in the EU’s internal security strategy.

This project intends to address this challenge, heeding not only technological aspects, but also incorporating social and ethical concerns related to privately held information systems; policies and regulations at national level on the matter will also be subject of study.

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