Learning from projects is one of the major challenges critical to consistent success of project-based organizations. To learn from past projects for current problem situations, knowledge and experience often has to be shared across time or space. However, while it seems to be possible to capture explicit knowledge (e.g. about products and technical problems), softer types of knowledge (i.e. knowledge about the processes that a team had deployed to achieve their goals and why these processes seemed to have worked well or badly) are more difficult to retain. At the same time, the application of softer types of knowledge can be invaluable for e.g. decision-making and problem solving situations in projects. The business value of softer types of knowledge lies within these situations. Based on the observation that experts, engineers and project managers like to tell stories to convey their experiences, this project is based on the following pillars:

  1. Eliciting experiences based on storytelling, structuring, storing, and sharing the results
  2. Situated retrieval, recommendation and refinement of stories and experiences
  3. Usage of the results in e.g. training, decision making, or problem solving situations
  4. Community-based sharing of experiences by using feedback and incentive mechanisms
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