CSI The Hague

Mediated Reality

You can only investigate a crime scene once, if you forget to secure possible evidence, it will be gone forever. The ability to investigate a crime scene is restricted by our senses, evidence we cannot see, smell or feel are difficult or impossible to collect. Current technological potential from other domains is not harvested to aid crime scene investigation. To examine the possibilities of new technology, a consortium has been established in The Hague, consisting of a unique combination of the Netherlands Forensic Institute, a Dutch university, an academic hospital, high-tech companies and state-of-the-art knowledge institutes. At the TU Delft we research the concept of mediated reality in crime scene investigation. The crime scene is digitized in real-time, augmented with scene specific information and links the results from multiple investigators together. Because a 3D model is being created on the fly, co-located experts can immediately start to collaborate and even influence the analysis on location. CSI The Hague will stimulate innovation into forensic investigation and help to solve crimes.

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