A Secure, Open, Scalable, Distributed Multi-Agent Platform


AgentScape is a middleware layer that supports large-scale agent systems. The rationale behind the design decisions are (i) to provide a platform for large-scale agent systems, (ii) support multiple code bases and operating systems, and (iii) interoperability with other agent platforms. Building an open, large-scale distributed system for deployment of multi-agent systems requires conscious deliberation of design alternatives and available technologies. The management of a location and between locations is studied extensively. The AgentScape approach to management is targeted to scalability and autonomy. The concept of self-management closely fits with the design philosophy of AgentScape. Self-management comprises self-healing (fault-tolerance), self-optimization (performance), self-configuration, and self-protection (security). With self-managing locations, AgentScape locations and hosts within a location are autonomous entities that operate in concert to provide resources and services to multi-agent system applications. AgentScape is developed in close cooperation with D-CIS Lab (Thales), The Book Depository, NLnet foundation, University of Bath, Cardiff University, and the University of Warwick.

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